A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You've requested a meeting with Yandere-Chan but you get a call, do you accept or decline?

Last Updated: 26/11/17 / 15:51PM

Install instructions

Download the game.

Click the EXE file.

Have fun.

(PowerPoint Viewer needed since this is made in PowerPoint as a test!)


Yandere Simulator Date or Call.exe 3 MB

Development log


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wont let me play it ;-;


Oh dear, do you have powerpoint viewer?


Sorry for taking so long to respond! I suggest getting powerpoint viewer since it's made in powerpoint for shits and giggles XD. Thank you for taking interest!


well i dont know if i have one or dont know how to get one

great game 

Thank you :)


Amazing Game!! Exactly Like The Real Yandere Simulator


Yeah, totally lmao